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November 24, 2009

The Mexican Delivery Guy Game w/ Gina Lynn

Gina Lynn stopped by to play “The Mexican Delivery Guy Game,” and Howard introduced her by playing some clips of her classic scenes. Howard explained that he's going to offer the delivery guys a huge tip, while Gina would try to convince them to
pass it up (in any way possible) – if she succeeds, she would get five plugs. Gina said she was willing to give it a shot; “I'll kiss his neck and tell him how much I'm into Mexicans.”

Howard asked Gina about her family life, so she confessed that her step-son recently referred to her as “hot” during a family vacation. Gina also said the boy raided her underwear drawer a couple times when he was four or five – and
hid the contents under his pillow. Howard wondered if Gina's husband really broke his penis recently, and Gina revealed that he had; he “injected” it with twice the recommended dose of “Caverject,” and now it curves to the right...which she finds “annoying” during sex.


The first Mexican delivery man,
Jorge, arrived, so Howard offered him a $50 tip and Gina offered him a two-minute, full-nude lap dance. Jorge went with Gina. Howard upped his offer to $75, but Jorge stuck with Gina, who then grinded away.

Cesar, the second deliveryman arrived, so Howard offered him a $50 tip and Gina offered him the opportunity to massage her boobs for two minutes. Cesar chose Gina – even after Howard upped his offer to $75 again.

Travis, Gina's husband, then came in to tell the crew about the horrors of living with a broken penis; “I can still perform, but – when a girl comes down pretty hard since it curves to the right – it can catch.” Everyone groaned their sympathies, and Howard wished the couple luck.


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